Thursday, July 19, 2012

Batman: Dark Knight Rising - Sneak Preview

Not only does my business take me on travels around the world, but occasionally we take flights of fancy with our clients. Thanks to Citrix, Microsoft, HP, and Allied Networks we were able to see the newest in the Batman series 10 hours before the midnight shows launch.

The newest in the Batman series picks up some time after The Dark Knight's conclusion. It stays true to the events of the previous movie and includes the elements Batman fans look forward to. There are the tried-and-true Batman motorcycle as well as a host of new technology created by the brilliant Lucius Fox. The new villain, Bain, is truly larger than life. He brings an evil to Gotham City that threatens to destroy it. The Cat Woman is back, in clingy black leatherette and silver stilettos. Ever so much like a real cat, we are never sure of her motives until the surprise ending.

Just as the Joker forces him to "confront everything he believes" in the previous movie, this movie shows Bruce Wayne's inner struggle to rebuild himself in a crime-free city that blames Batman for the death of a beloved character from the previous movie. The love affair between Bruce Wayne and Rachel Dawes drives the character and leads to tremendous torment and struggle. Yet somehow, Bruce Wayne and Batman triumph over the evil villain and their own inner struggles to save the day.

Did I mention the twist ending? No spoilers here, but it was very satisfying.

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