Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shotcha - Frame That Travel Shot

When you are traveling and something catches your eye, snap a photo. You can bore your friends with it when you get home. But how do you make that photo capture them the way the scene caught you? Take a picture that tells a story. Consider this photo and what it says to you. Park art? Big round thing? Rusty old piece of junk? Or a representation of oneness crippled, and carried on the shoulders of no man?
 Frame the shot a little differently and it tells a different story. The simple park, the small earth, dwarfed by the works of man.

The wagon wheels of the worker who, slaving under the hot sun, looks longingly at the manor house with the hope of a cool drink and dinner when the day's labor is done.

 The child's toy rolls out of control toward the warning barriers. 

So give it a try. The next time something catches your eye, look at the things around it and decide what story you want your photo to tell.

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