Saturday, June 11, 2011

Catching the Red-Eye to Peru

Catching the Red-Eye to Peru
My first morning in Lima, I was surprisingly perky.
I'd spent the previous night on a large airplane in a very small seat flying from LAX (Los Angeles International) to LIM (Lima International.)
My flight was delayed and we didn't board until almost 11:00 PM Pacific time. I was anxious to catch what sleep I could on my 8 1/2 hour flight south. I was expected at my office first thing Monday morning.

Despite my earplugs and determination, I was awakened at 2:00 AM Pacific time by an announcement on the loudspeaker that there was a medical emergency on the plane. I opened one bleary eye to see the flight attendant fumbling with an emergency medical kit in the seat next to mine, while my seat mate stood a few rows up in the aisle.
I waited for the plane to land at the nearest airport, but somehow slipped back into the depths of sleep instead. I awoke to the announcement that we were preparing to land in Lima. I guess the medical emergency had a happy ending.

Customs was a breeze compared to Vancouver. Getting a taxi, in Spanish, was a bit of a challenge, and the ride was a bit of a white-knuckler, but I made it to the office only a few minutes later than I had planned.

The day was a whirlwind of getting acclimated.

But amazingly, I was still wide awake and having fun after 10:00 PM. Lima is a marvelous city.

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