Sunday, June 19, 2011

The World's Favorite Chicken - in Lima

Day 3 in Lima. My Spanish is improving un poco. I've learned to say things like "I don't see my taxi" (No veo mi taxi.)

After the wonderful meals I've had so far, I find I'm not very hungry tonight. I'd rather dive into the hotel's pool and get some exercise, so I decided to try some fast food, Lima style.

Kitty corner across the street from the JW Marriott Hotel is America's favorite chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken. It has the familiar red & white logo and the Colonel's picture out front. I walked in dreaming of buttermilk biscuits, one of my favorite treats. Unfortunately for me, that love is not shared by the Peruvians in Miraflores. I tried to order the corn poppers, but got chicken nuggets instead. And when I tried to pay, it seemed the world had come to an end and it was my fault. You see, when I took a cash advance at the ATM this morning, the smallest bill the machine dispensed was a S/.50 or 50 Sol note. With today's conversion rate, that is worth about $17.85, not a lot of money.

Judging by the reaction at KFC, $17.85 is, in fact, quite a lot of money in Miraflores. The cashier's eyes got large. The entire restaurant staff came over and just stood and stared at the bill in her hand. They finally found someone who speaks just a little English. He asked me if I had anything smaller. I dug out a S/.10 note and sighs of relief were heard all around. My husband emailed me later with "Good job, Twoflower. Show everyone the golden Rhinus. :)"

I wonder what would have happened if I'd handed over the S/.100 note?!

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