Friday, July 1, 2011

My First Day in Vancouver

October in Vancouver: What images does that bring to your mind?

When I think of Canada, I usually think of "The Great White North," very cold, with lots of snow. Much to my surprise, my first day in Vancouver was gorgeous. From our office, my native guide and fellow consultant, Monte, was excited to show me the mountains ringing the city. The air was crisp and clear, enough clouds to be pretty, but not enough to block the view. Overall the weather was very nice.

The view from my room at the Marriotts was gorgeous, overlooking the pool with a view of the mountains on either side of the Hilton. After work, I slipped on my swimsuit and found the pool a wonderful 80 degrees. It was a little chilly, so the hot tub was welcome and very relaxing after my swim.

So if anyone asks, tell them October in Vancouver can be just as beautiful as October in California.

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