Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sandwiches and Coffee - Late Night in Peru

Some things seem to be universal and universally understood  - girlfriends, shopping, and coffee shops with tasty food. 

My two new girlfriends took me shopping to the Inca Market, a local market where artisans sell their creations. Afterwards, we walked over to a coffee shop owned by a long time friend. They laughed when I counted out all the money I had left after shopping, and offered to tide me over till I could make it to the ATM in the morning. I decided to try the Butifarra, with jamon del pais (country ham), lechuga (lettuce), salsa oriolla and onions. The bread was crispy and light, almost like a croissant. The onions were wonderful, the sauce was delightful and the ham was was perfect. 

They each ordered an apetizer. I didn't write down the names, but they were really tasty. The round ones were a type of potato puff.

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