Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Taste of Peru at Home - Salsa Jorvic

Although memories of Peru may be fading, I've enjoyed sharing a taste of the exotic with my family after I returned home.

Before I left Lima, I went shopping at the Metro and brought home a few unique items. I'd forgotten my phrase book, so I had no idea what I was buying. But there was a picture of a chicken and a chef on it, so that had to be a good start.

In my familiar kitchen, I pulled out the packet and began to read the instructions.

Verter la sal del pavo por dentro y hacia fuera. Hacer lo mismo conla salsa de jorvic. Arrodillarse piernas hacer lo mismo con la Salsa de Jorvic.

Now what does that mean? Something about the sauce and chicken, probably, but what exactly? Is it a baste, or a marinade? How do I cook the chicken? 

All I can say it Thank Heaven for Google Translate. The english version came out like this:

Pour salt the turkey inside and out. Do the same with the sauce jorvic. Kneel legs do the same with the Sauce Jorvic.

Oops, the sauce is for a turkey, not a chicken. But that's an easy substitution. I'm not sure what they are recommending I do with the turkey legs, but I'll just ignore that, treat it like a marinade, and soak the chicken breasts overnight. The next day I baked them and they came out blackened, but very moist. The spicing smelled strong. We can't quite identify it, a little dusky, but it tasted just right. Serve with a side of rice and your favorite vegetables for a taste of the exotic at home.

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