Saturday, July 23, 2011

Taxi Cab Touring in Vancouver

 I took my first swing at taxi-cab touring in Vancouver. Here's how it works: As a winter-time business traveler, there are no daylight hours for sight seeing after putting in 10-14 hours at the office. But it was my first visit to Vancouver and I wanted to capture some of the magic and beauty of that great city to share. I had a new Palm Pre Plus cell phone, and it had a camera. A marriage made in heaven, if you ask me. So while the taxi cab was winging its way to the office, I pulled out the cell phone and tried to photograph the beautiful neighborhood we were driving through.

If you've never taken a photography class, you may not be aware of how different your eye perceives the world compared to a camera. It takes a little time and training, learning how to frame a picture, learning how not to jerk the camera around when pressing the touch screen button, and getting the timing down to press the little button in between bumps, jostles and jogs of the moving vehicle.

I was delighted when my photos stopped looking like the first photo, and began to reflect the beauty I was seeing around me, like this Tudor-style home in a suburb of Vancouver. And I'm pleased to be able to share the beauty of this great, big world with all my friends.

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