Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ordering Meals, A Challenge in Lima

Ordering meals in Lima was often a challenge. Sometimes the menu was spanish, sometimes in english, but not always very good english. For example, I'd never heard of Lomo Silvestre,  but I knew Lomo Saltado was very tasty. But what does Lomo mean? Checking the trusty phrase book I find it means back, so that's no help at all.

The menu described the dish as sliced beef sirloin with grilled portobellos and port reduction, served with potatoes, pears and Cambozola Cheese. I know I like beef and mushrooms, but what does "port reduction" mean? And though I'm a long-time cheese lover, I have never heard of Cambozola Cheese

The pears were what sold me. I've never had beef and pears before.  As with all the fine restaurants, the presentation was beautiful. The restaurant is at LarcoMar, and what can beat sitting at an outdoor table, overlooking the ocean, on a beautiful clear night? The beef is arranged over a layer of greens and pears sautéed in a delightful sauce. As you enjoy the dish, a new layer of taste treat awaits until you reach the plate below. 

The potatoes were beautiful, of a firm consistency, and melt-in-your-mouth flavor. It was another wonderful dinner in Lima.

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