Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Sin or Little Sin - Eating in Peru

Behind my office is a mega grocery store called Metro. I've been slowly exploring the store with the idea of bringing some treats in for my clients and to take home to my family. To my delight, I discovered Dulci Vilma, a lovely little cafe in the back of Metro. As I browsed the glass cases, phrase-book in hand, I saw the Pecado. I wasn't sure what it was, but I recognized pineapple, cheese and chicken in the ingredients and that was good enough for me. The counter person asked the usual whirlwind of questions. I managed to narrow it down to caliente o frio? and let her know I'd like it hot and to add agua sin gas for my drink.

It was wonderful! So wonderful that I showed a picture to mi nuevo amigas at dinner the next night. They giggled in a way that made me ask: What had I done?

I was informed Pecado meant sin, and  that the dish I had enjoyed must have been sinfully rich.
Then I remembered, pecadillo, in English, means doing the wrong things. So a pecadillo in Spanish would be a little sin, and a pecado is a big sin.

For penance, I skipped breakfast the next day to even up the calorie count and atone for my sin.

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