Saturday, August 27, 2011

US Takes Mexico City

 If you've seen the movie A Night at the Museum you may remember the scene where all the little soldiers in a diarama come to life and start fighting the battle which they depict. I think they included that scene because all of us, as children, have seen a museum diarama and in our young imagination, it came to life. Perhaps it even livened up our dreams that night.
This one caught my eye because I was recently in Mexico City and had to choose between a visit to Chapultepec castle, the site of this battle, or Teotihuacan. Until this moment, I had never known that the U.S. Marines had once captured and held Mexico City. One part of me wonders why we didn't make it part of the U.S. Having recently suffered from food poisoning on that same trip to Mexico City, it seems that if it was part of the U.S. it would be regulated by the FDA  or local health department, and I might have been saved several days of pain and suffering.

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