Monday, August 22, 2011

Too Many Olives? Dining at the Crowne Plaza in Mexico City

Tonight I wanted something light for dinner, so I decided to try the Ensalada Griega or Greek Salad. In California I'm used to goat cheese being about a tablespoon of crumbled cheese adorning the top of my salad. But at the Crowne Plaza, they do not skimp on anything! The goat cheese was served in thick slices over the top of the salad. The flavor was mild at first, but grew in robustness with each bite. The cheese was firm yet smooth and creamy in texture.
There were tiny, pungent white onions throughout the salad that added to the audacity of the flavor combinations. And it seemed an olive was hiding under nearly every leaf of lettuce. What a treat! The salad was far richer than I expected and left me very satisfied.

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